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We're Geekenders.  We're based in Vancouver, BC and we create dynamic geeky theatre by putting a new spin on pop culture classics that we love. 

We are dedicated to diversity, casting actors of colour, engaging in finding more spaces for women, and casting LGBTQ+ actors. 


We are passionate about producing shows that will encourage people who haven't thought to explore theatre before to come out to experience musicals, burlesque shows, and plays. 


We also have a mentorship program wherein we encourage performers with no experience to work alongside professionals and gain some experience!

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How Can I Support?


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Why Support?

We have tons of things we're working on, all the time.  And as always, we're trying to pay artists as much as we can. 
Our goal is to be the highest-paying semi-professional theatre company in Canada.  All of the money that goes into funding our shows comes out of our own pockets! 

Because we try to keep ticket prices low and always make sure our performers get paid, we often just break even (even on our very successful shows). 

Anything you donate to us will go directly towards costumes, sets, rehearsal spaces, SOCAN fees, theatre rentals, and everything that makes theatre a labour of love rather than a viable career move.


We also want to give a huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors for their invaluable support and contributions. Their generosity has played a crucial role in our success, and we are truly grateful for their support. 


And another specific thank you to the below sponsors for their current and ongoing support for our raffle prizes. If you have something you or your company would like to donate for our raffle fundraisers - please email us at



JQ Clothing


MUSE Cannabis

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