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Our creative team...


aka The Galaxy Queen of Dreams
Co-Artistic Director / Founder

Described by Link Magazine as "The Nerd Queen of Burlesque", Fairlith is an award winning writer, creator, and dreamer.  In 2012, she founded Geekenders, for which she has written and conceived over 60 original dramatic works, burlesque plays, musical parodies, cheeky variety shows, and immersive productions including her 2019 Fringe Festival hit: 'Alice In Glitterland'.  Fairlith's work with Geekenders has been expereicnced by over 100,000 Canadian audience members and over 10 million YouTube viewers; Geekenders has over 20,000 subscribers!  Her work has been described as having a 'cult following' in Vancouver (Vancity Buzz).  Fairlith mixes glitter, inclusivity, warmth, and irreverent humour to create a dreamy onstage world examining perspectives that have been repressed.  Additionally, Fairlith hosts 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' at The Rio Theatre and is never going to stop.


Lindsay Braynen
aka Androsia Wilde
Co-Artistic Director

Lindsay Braynen (she/her) known as 'The Bahama Mama of Burlesque", is a native of the Bahamas and now resides in the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people.  An artist of many different flavours - illustrator, dancer, storyteller, actress, and dancer - Lindsay has been a part of The Geekenders since 2014, with her much lauded debut as the 'yummy' scoundrel Lando Calrissian in the Geekenders original production of "The Empire Strips Back".  She has also been part of the interdisciplinary troupe Omnika in Motion since 2017, and is one of the driving forces behind the newest BIPOC collective Diasporic Dynasty.  Her work centers on and seeks to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and other Performers of Colour.  She is grateful for the oppotunity to work in the name of Decolization and Indigenous Soverignty, as well as Black Liberation.

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Erin Foster
aka Kitty Glitter
Social Media / Tour Manager

Erin Foster (she/her) has been involved with Geekenders as a performer & producer since 2015, her first show being "Jurassic Parody: The Musical".  Erin has found burlesque, and especially nerdlesque, to be a vital asset to her creative mind and to her outlook on body positivity.  Known as "The Melissa McCarthy of Burlesque", she hopes her art can encourage others to love themselves no matter what size they are. She has recently relocated to The K'omoks Comox (K'ómoks) Valley and is now the Tour Manager for Geekenders.


jayne fondue
aka Jayne Fondue
General Manager

Jayne Fondue is simply, the best.


Ryan Caron
aka Neville Powerbottom
Treasurer / Secretary

Ryan Caron (he/him or they/them) is a theatre producer, director, dancer, and designer specializing in immersive theatre and pop culture fan theatre. They studied Psychology and Theatre at UBC, and trained in classical Japanese dance in Tokyo in 2016 before taking on the role of Geekenders Co-Artistic Director in 2017. His work centres queer and neurodivergent perspectives. Ryan also serves as Vice President of the TomoeArts Society Board of Directors.


shayan naziripour
aka Veronica Vamp
Production Designer

Shayan (he/him) is local drag queen turned international burlesque star thanks to Geekenders, performing from New York to Kelowna.  He is a Production Designer and Resident Costumer for Geekenders,  who loves to create silly (and dazzling!) costumes, and cover absolutely everything in rhinestones!

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