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Our creative team...


Lindsay Braynen
aka Androsia Wilde
Artistic Director
Lindsay Braynen (she/her) known as 'The Bahama Mama of Burlesque", is a native of the Bahamas and now resides in the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people.  An artist of many different flavours - illustrator, dancer, storyteller, actress, and dancer - Lindsay has been a part of The Geekenders since 2014, with her much lauded debut as the 'yummy' scoundrel Lando Calrissian in the Geekenders original production of "The Empire Strips Back".  She has also been part of the interdisciplinary troupe Omnika in Motion since 2017, and is one of the driving forces behind the newest BIPOC collective Diasporic Dynasty.  Her work centers on and seeks to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and other Performers of Colour.  She is grateful for the oppotunity to work in the name of Decolization and Indigenous Soverignty, as well as Black Liberation.


jayne fondue
General Manager
Jayne (She/Her or They/Them) is a long time teacher, choreographer, and performer. Trained since she could walk in most types of dance, Jayne has been a part of Geekenders since 2014. Since that time she has been involved with countless shows a as performer, choreographer, stage manager, and producer.  


shayan naziripour
aka Veronica Vamp
Production Designer
Shayan (he/him) is local drag queen turned international burlesque star thanks to Geekenders, performing from New York to Kelowna.  He is a Production Designer and Resident Costumer for Geekenders,  who loves to create silly (and dazzling!) costumes, and cover absolutely everything in rhinestones!


Ryan Caron
aka Neville Powerbottom
Treasurer / Secretary

Ryan Caron (he/him or they/them) is a theatre producer, director, dancer, and designer specializing in immersive theatre and pop culture fan theatre. They studied Psychology and Theatre at UBC, and trained in classical Japanese dance in Tokyo in 2016 before taking on the role of Geekenders Co-Artistic Director in 2017. His work centres queer and neurodivergent perspectives. Ryan also serves as Vice President of the TomoeArts Society Board of Directors.


Devon holdsworth
aka Mrs Dress-Off
Social Media

Devon (She/Her) has been a Geekender since 2015; her first performance was as Janet in The Rocky Horror Shadow Cast!  This silly and saucy lil' lady has had the opportunity to perform burlesque with The Geekenders all over the Lower Mainland in many, many nerdy shows. Whether she's fighting in the Star Wars, searching for the Holy Grail, or just being a stork (and more commonly, a dork), Devon is always ready to light up the stage and your social media channels!


Lyssa Strata
Production Team

Lyssa (She/Her or They/Them) has over a decade of experience in the performing arts, and has performed and choreographed with Geekenders since 2013! She is a bundle of enthusiasm and talent, and  brings all of her wonderful natural Muppetiness to the Production Team, doing whatever needs to be done. 

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Raffle & Sponsorships

Phoenix is the best around, and nothing is gonna keep them down. Phoenix is our number one Raffle person, sponsor contact, and all around best person to work with. 


want to help us make magic?

We are always looking for more individuals to help us with any given production. From Raffles to Merch, Patreon, promotions, Kittying, stage managing, or full on show producing, we love new ideas and support!  
Send an email to if you are interested!

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