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Nerdlesque classes

Nerdlesque for Newbies!

Embrace your silliest/sexiest/sassiest side!

Our Nerdlesque for Newbies classes are open-level, five week, choreography progressives, geared for beginner to novice performers. 

These gender-inclusive, body-positive classes will take you through the basics of dance movement, the fundamentals of stage presence and performance, and some of the basics, history, and theory of burlesque and nerdlesque.


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Nerdlesque for Newbies classes are generally themed and offered in conjunction
with a Geekenders variety show or performance spectacular.

Classes are generally scheduled during weekday evenings for 5 consecutive weeks, with the schedule rotating between full sessions, based on instructor and studio availability.


Cost is generally $125-$150 depending on costuming/materials provided

Sponsored slots may be available for BIPOC or low income members of the community.

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When is the next Session? 

Our next scheduled Nerdlesque for Newbies class will likely be for our November show, with classes starting late September or Early October. More information to come!

Where are classes held? 

Our classes are currently held at Showpony Studio: 2280 E Hastings St, Vancouver
Please note, Showpony Studio is located on the second floor with no elevator -
We apologize for this barrier in accessibility!

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