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Want to Hire us?

Looking to Geek up your gathering? Want to elevate your corporate event with a touch of Geekenders' enchantment? Want to bring one of our full-scale productions to your city?

From small, private events, to large bookings and tours, we have over 10 years of experience providing exceptional experiences crafted to your events and needs. 

Whether you are looking for something family-friendly, or flirty, club, or corporate, let us entertain you. 


Event Performances
& Festivals

 If you'd like to add an electrifying collision of cheeky comedy, seductive burlesque or hosts with an unapologetic passion for pop culture to your event, let us know! 

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 Touring Productions
Is there a Geekenders show that you would love to unleash upon your city? Why not reach out to us? We've brought our themed variety shows or full-scale productions to cities far and wide!


Corporate Events &

Let us elevate your corporate event! 
Whether it is roving entertainers, charismatic hosts, or family-friendly performers, we'll tailor an experience that dances perfectly to your vision. 


Private Events: Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, etc.
Let the celebrations soar with Geekenders! Infuse your birthday extravaganza, bachelor party,  casual Sunday picnic, (or whatever!) with a whimsical fusion of nerdy theatre, cheeky comedy, or tantalizing burlesque. 

Any questions? Email

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